Monster Carp

Monster 34.5lbs Common – Reid Breton

Another day another Monster. Reid Breton pulls in this beautiful 34.5lbs Common Carp. Caught with Sweetcorn on modified hair rig. Want to submit your catch? Visit:   Please follow and like us:

New Monster Caught – 28.6lbs Housie Common

Nick does it again with this pre spawn 28.6lb Common. She was the chunkiest guy we have ever captured for sure.  We believe this is Shelley, we caught her before! She went after the feed corn hair rig.   Please follow and like us:

Josh’s first CT Trophy Carp and Baby Son! Zaiden

This guy weighed in at 22.61 lbs and was 34 inches long. He was one of Josh’s first Carp catches and it gave him a fight. Caught on a 6′ bass rod. Josh managed to break the reel doing this catch. Originally named Igor, we decided to rename this guy to Zaiden. Congrats to Josh and Caitlinas we […]

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Monster Carp – Samuel – 24 lbs – 35 inches

Another Monster Carp catch by Nick. This is his 5th Trophy Size Carp and the 3rd of the year! He named him Samuel. This Monster Carp weight in at 24 lbs and 3 ounces and was 35 inches long This guy didn’t put up a fight but took a while to reel in. Nick had a […]

New Personal Best – Brutus

Although we have caught bigger fish in the past, it was before the days of scales and tape measure. This guy is my personal best in the “advanced” stage of our Carp fishing at 36 inches and 28lbs. His name is Brudus. Took me about 15 min to pull him in. He fought extremely hard and […]

Monster – Rose – 22.5lbs

Unlike many large Carp, Rose put up a really good fight. Took us a bit to reel her in as she got into weeds and rocks. Please follow and like us:

Trevor’s Monster – Harold

It’s nice when one can catch a monster 1st time Carp fishing. Our friend Trevor was that lucky guy with a CT Trophy Award 22lbs/34inch Common. Congrats Trevor! Please follow and like us: