Multi Month Session

In the fall of 2016 I decided to take on a long term Carp project that’s been on my mind for quite some time. This project has always been put off due to family, work and school commitments. In 2016, I was determined and simply decided to make time and made it happen. The project […]

Monster Carp

CT River Trip

We decided to head up to CT river for our 4th of July weekend and spend couple of days Carp Fishing. We usually make it out here about twice a year due to distance. This year we decided to hit up a more remote spot on our kayaks and set up camp (backpacking style). This […]

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Got Carp? Submit your Catch Photo!

Our goal is to create the biggest database of Carp photos/catches! Submit your Carp Photo (regardless of the size) and we will post it on our Website. Please fill out the short form or simply send a picture to Thank you for your contribution and helping us grow our Carp Community. Thank you, Monster […]

Combining Carp Fishing and Backpacking

While many Carp Anglers are expanding their gear, I’ve been busy minimizing it! This weekend we decided to combine our passion for Carp Fishing and Backpacking/Hiking. Outside of our regular backpacking gear we had to bring 2 rods each, net, mat, waders, tackle and bait. Bait was by far the heaviest of them all. Poor […]


Catching Carp, Net Only!

Check out our 2nd Video “Catching Carp, Net Only!”  No need for stinkin’ rods, pods or alarms…. Please follow and like us:


Help us build a Carp Enthusiast Community!

Help us build a Carp Enthusiast Community! Our Mission is to create a Carp Enthusiast Community and enable people to share their knowledge, catch photos and support other members to promote the Sport of Carp Fishing in America and around the World. Please participate in building of our site and help us grow our community. We […]

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Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine – support your Carp Addiction!

Check out Carpoholics Anonymous Magazine and support your Carp Addiction! CAM covers carp fishing as a sport in the USA with articles and news on USA carp fishing, tournaments, bait recipes, tips, strategies, step by step guides. Our writers talk about experiences fishing venues and tactics. Product reviews links to find items talked about. Videos, and Magnificent […]

Love for Carp – Early Memories

My first encounter with these amazing fish was at a very young age back in my home country. In Poland, Carp was a traditional Christmas meal. Many families purchased Carp couple of days prior to holidays and stored them in a bath tub. As a child, I used to love playing with Carp and watch […]

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On a Mission

Monster Carp is on a mission to educate, promote and grow the sport of Carp Fishing in America. We have officially launched our Website, Social Media Networks and begun advertisements in local area. We are offering local Carp Guide services, Carp Adventure Camps and Kayak Fishing Charters in South Connecticut and hope to expand to […]