Combining Carp Fishing and Backpacking

While many Carp Anglers are expanding their gear, I’ve been busy minimizing it! This weekend we decided to combine our passion for Carp Fishing and Backpacking/Hiking. Outside of our regular backpacking gear we had to bring 2 rods each, net, mat, waders, tackle and bait. Bait was by far the heaviest of them all. Poor Nick had 35lbs on his back! I was over 50lbs. We also had 2 helper bring few other items with us but they wouldn’t stay. We simply had too much gear to carry and it wouldn’t fit.

Nick took a nice spill on the way down the leaf alley…

When we got to our destination we noticed the water was completely still. This enabled us to keep a look out for activity. Unfortunately there was none. It’s been a tough start of the year for us with 2 blanks on CT River and another section of Lake Zoar but such is life, you have to remain optimistic and go on. Upon arrival we quickly started setting up the rods, wood gathering and setting up camp. This spot is quite remote and our view was amazing. No signs or sound of any civilization, this is what being out in nature is all about.

The night was quiet from a fishing perspective. Weather was actually very nice with no clouds, clear sky and amazing stars. As the night progressed temps dipped into high 30s and we had a really tough night. Neither of us slept as our sleeping bags didn’t quite cut it and we were cold. 2 layers of clothes, 3 pairs of thick socks, hat and gloves didn’t stand a chance of a 35 degree river radiating onto us all night.

Early morning bird symphony prompted us to get out and get warm. As we start a fire Nick spots a carp leap on the left side of our bait area. We both smile at each other. 2 min later the rod is bouncing! Fish on. We got him on a red homemade boilie + fake corn combo and oats pack bait. Finally the first carp of the 2017! She was about 17lbs and very calm.


Just like that, the misery of a cold/sleepless night was forgotten. This is what I love about Carp fishing. It’s a rollercoaster of ups and downs. One min you are bored out of your mind and miserable, and next you are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Unfortunately rest of the day was uneventful. No leaps or any activity at all. Wind picked up and we decided to cut the trip short, pack up and head back. We needed sleep before returning to school and work. Although we only caught one fish this was a father and son time that will never be forgotten. It’s always an amazing experience getting out into nature, even if we didn’t catch any fish.

Next week we are adding Kayaking to the mix and hitting an island on CT River. We will try to target some Northern Pike as well. Stay Tuned.

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