Love for Carp – Early Memories

My first encounter with these amazing fish was at a very young age back in my home country. In Poland, Carp was a traditional Christmas meal. Many families purchased Carp couple of days prior to holidays and stored them in a bath tub. As a child, I used to love playing with Carp and watch them swim around the tub. Unfortunately, my beloved friends would be butchered and cooked. When that day came, I often stayed far away from the kitchen. I just couldn’t stomach the scene and watching my little friends go. I did enjoy the meal though, delicious!

Unfortunately these were my only memories of a Carp as a child. Our outdoor experience was limited to city concrete and couple of vacations in the Tatra mountains. My love for outdoors and Carp fishing would take 20 years to reignite as my family became a central part of my life.

So what exactly re sparked the love for Carp? The flame was reignited about 10 years ago, while camping, my sons and I decided to throw some line into the river. We had 0 experience fishing, literally none. At the time, I don’t even think we knew how to tie a proper knot. I remember seeing an eaten cob of corn on the side of the river. We figured “let’s give it a whirl” and grabbed some sweet corn, weight and a treble hook. Within few minutes we had a really REALLY hard pull. I’m not exactly sure how the little rod or line didn’t give that day. As I battled the fish, kids took a step back in shock and awe. They were quite young at the time, their faces were filled with fear as I panicked and scrambled to reel the fish in. I remember being pretty scared as well but had to stand tall in front of my boys.

Once on shore, we were in shock, this fish was HUGE.  I remember standing there in shock trying to figure out what to do next while scratching my head. He was at least 3 feet and sitting on the shore like a big rock. I managed to undo the hook with my hands as we had no needle pliers. We were happy to let the beast go unharmed.

To make things even more pathetic, we didn’t even know what kind of a fish we caught that day. It took some research for me to find out that it was a Common Carp. I scrambled to look at the record books and quickly found out that we might have had a trophy Carp that day. Unfortunately a scale, mat or a weight sling wasn’t even on our galaxy that day.

This day brought back a lot of memories and reignited the love I once had for these amazing fish . These events were the foundation of our Carp fishing passion and marked a crucial turning point in our life. For many years to come and 100s of catches later, Carp has played and will continue to play a big role in our lives.

More to come…

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