Why Carp?

Why Carp? Question that most Carp Enthusiast can answer million ways. 

Common Carp is CT largest freshwater fish and world most popular fresh water Game fish. World record Common Carp stands at 105lb 13oz!  US record is 56lb 4oz by Daniel Slaby. In CT, our friend and fellow Carp Angler Mike Hudak holds a record at 43lb 12oz.


In CT, carp are considered the biggest freshwater fish with the current record at around 44lbs and 42 inches. On average Carp are about 2 feet and 15 lbs. Fish in the 20 and 30 pound range are pretty common. US record stands at 55lbs. World record is at over 100lbs! Connecticut and most states offer abundance of unexplored waters! It’s safe to say there is much bigger fish to be caught!

The Fight

Carp are considered some of the best fighting fish out there. Due to their size and muscle structure they provide anglers with adrenaline rush like no other. It’s hard to forget the first time you reel in a Carp. The initial run, bend of the rod, the line pull, the rush, the size and beauty of these beast is hard to top. It’s also very difficult to go back to smaller freshwater game fish once you experience Carp.


One of the biggest reasons we love carp fishing is being out in nature. After all, Nature is the greatest gift we posses! Many Carp fisherman are outdoors enthusiasts. There is just something about being in the middle of nowhere, out in nature and getting in touch with what our ancestors did for millions of years.

Abundance of fish

Carp is probably the least fished species in CT and America. This means there is more fish for all of us!  CT rivers and ponds are filled to the brim with Carp and many have not been explored at all.

Shock Factor

Most people simply don’t know about Carp. Many Anglers are too busy catching other species and are quick to downplay the Carp until they see one in person or reel one in. Most are in shock and awe when they experience Carp for the first time. Many never look back as those first moments are the triggers to our passion for these amazing fish.

Bigger life lessons

There is so many lessons we learn from Carp fishing that apply to real life. Patience, determination, endurance, ability to change and adapt, strategy, planning and hard work to name the few. Life is a never ending commitment to learning and improving yourself. No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn! Even the expert Carp Fisherman are still learning new things!

It’s easy and cheap

You don’t need expensive equipment or expert techniques to enter the world of Carp Fishing. Carp fishing is as easy and cheap OR as expensive and complicated as YOU make it. It’s up to you! Grab any rod, a can of corn, weight, chum the area and load a circle or treble hook with kernels. Chumming the area for few days prior helps a lot!

Fellow Carp Anglers

Carp Anglers are some of the best fisherman out there. There is an entire ritual on how to take care of Carp. We treat them with respect! We have special equipment to prevent any damage and make sure that the fish is unharmed. We don’t kill or mistreat the fish and keep things clean. Unfortunately that is not the norm in the fishing world as garbage and abuse is widespread.

It’s ironic how we fish for what’s considered a “garbage fish”, yet we often find ourselves picking up other fisherman’s garbage.

Carp fisherman are also some of the most passionate, friendly and helpful fisherman around!


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